Visiting the Sandstone Mountains in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Another impressive place to visit in the Page, Arizona area is Antelope Canyon. Lying just to the east of Page, rushing water has carved breathtaking slot canyons into these sandstone mountains. To get there, take State Route 98 from US Route 89 to Milepost 299 and then follow the signs to Antelope Canyon. There are two canyons to tour here. One is the lower Antelope which extends a quarter mile into the Colorado Plateau and the other is the upper Canyon. Light streams in from above, casting light and shadow on the various colored sandstone walls of the narrow canyon walls. The canyons can be extremely dangerous when flowing water goes through them.  In 1997, 11 visitors failed to leave the canyons and were swept away to their deaths by powerful flood waters raging through canyon.  As a result, the Navajo Nation maintains a close watch on local weather conditions in the area and closes the canyons down if there is rainfall in the area. The cost of admission to the Antelope Canyon-Lake Powell Navajo Tribal park is $6.00 for adults with children 7 or younger free. The Navajo Nation requires that you only enter Antelope Canyon upper or lower areas with an authorized Navajo tour guide. Guided  tours can be booked from page or via phone and vary in price depending on the length of time and which parts of the Canyon are explored.  This is definitely a trip worth paying to take as Antelope Canyon is a unique and memorable adventure.