Replacing a RV Ceiling Fan in your 5th wheel

Replacing an RV ceiling fan is not a difficult thing to do in a 5th wheel. When you have basement air like I do in my Alfa coach, the ceiling fan plays an important part in heating and cooling your RV. It is important for circulation as well as for general comfort that your RV ceiling fan work as well as possible. My old fan was no longer working as well as it used to so I decided it was time to go about replacing the RV ceiling fan to improve the circulation in my RV.

In my coach, my slide out covers the ceiling fan when the slideout is pulled into the coach for travel. Due to different coach construction and the available height in your RV for ceiling fan clearance,  research is needed to get the right fan unit for your particular RV. I purchased a low clearance fan off of the Internet. This RV ceiling fan works but the original fan which came with the unit had slightly better clearance. Watch the video and see the pictures below to learn more about how I replaced the old fan.

My replacement fan blades are a tight fit when I close the main slide in but it works.  That is what counts. The fan is much better than the old one and helps cool my coach much better than the old one. When I first put it in, I was worried about the clearance since it was tight but when I took the coach on the road, I found that there were no problems. The new fan worked well and was a huge improvement for circulation.

In addition to the fan that I ended up using, I also found several fans that would have worked nicely at at reasonable prices. Be sure you check the clearance that will be needed before purchasing a new fan replacement so you have no problems closing any slides that may come in for travel.