A Tour of Seligman, Arizona on Old US Route 66

The town of Seligman was founded back in 1895 when it served as a railroad camp town for the Santa Fe railroad being built in the Ashfork area. Originally called Prescott Junction, the tiny town became a railway stop in the 1920’s and a “hot spot” for travelers coming west on the new Route 66 highway to Golden California.  During this time frame, the town became known as Seligman and was a bustling and active town.

When Interstate 40 was built in the 1970’s, many small towns like Seligman that had been fed by the excitement and active traveling route of Highway 66 faded away and became ghost towns. When the Santa Fe stopped using Seligman as a stop in 1985, the town was further threatened into oblivion. The resourcefulness of the town’s people kept Seligman a town worthy of the small side-trip from the main road for a visit. The town became the “poster child” for Route 66 memorabilia with it’s unique gift shops, hotels and restaurants. Examples of fun and interesting places to visit in Seligman are the Snow Cap Drive In, the Copper Cart Restaurant and the Route 66 Road Kill Café and Steak House.  Have your picture taken with old time celebrities (just mannequins of course), enjoy the fun menus for lunch or dinner and pick up some of that old Route 66 fun in this small town.  Seligman is truly a “one of a kind” town and a fun place to spend a few hours prowling around in history.