Replacing a RV Ceiling Fan in your 5th wheel

When you have basement air the ceiling fan plays an important part of the heating and cooling for your RV. I have a slide out that covers the ceiling fan when in the travel position. So research is needed to get the right fan. I purchased a low clearance fan from the Internet but the original had better clearance. What the video and see the pictures below.

I just made it. Now I need a trip to see if the cradle mounting will work while traveling. If it doesn’t I have a fix ready. has an RV ceiling fan at a reasonable price but I had already purchased this one. When you research your fan they don’t tell you anything about clearances because they don’t disclose it.

Replacing an RV Shower Fixture

When replacing my 16 year old RV shower faucet with a new fixture, I really didn’t know what to expect when I started the project. I was also not exactly sure how it came apart. So, to help me with this problem, I ordered a new one from Amazon so I could take a look at the part itself. When I looked at the new part, I noticed that it that it was fastened to the wall by two threaded pipes that went through the wall. Obviously, the pipe had to be fastened from the back side of the wall since there were nuts that fit onto the ends of these pipes. This would mean that I had to access the installation from the backside of the shower wall. The final question was how do I get to the backside of the shower so that I could fasten the faucet? When I looked at the wall on the outside of my shower compartment, the factory had mounted a large dressing mirror on that wall. Guessing that perhaps there was a scuttle behind the mirror; I removed the mirror and found an access panel to the back of the shower. I was quickly able to complete the repair and rehang the mirror. All in all, a fairly easy replacement to make the shower fixtures look like new again.

Repairing My Bedroom Slide-Out Room

Recently, my 2000 Alfa 5th Wheel upper bedroom Slide was stuck in the fully extended position. Unfortunately, unlike my living room slide out, there is no crank to pull it back inside the coach when the mechanism fails. In order to take it in for repairs, it is necessary to disengage the screw drive shaft from the motor. With this disconnected, you can then push your slide back into the slide compartment by hand. Once the slide room is back in the closed position, you will need to wedge the slide room in with a couple of 2X4s to keep it so you can continue on your journey or take it in to be repaired. If you have enough time and some mechanical skill you might be able to fix it yourself. The slide must be in alignment and the drive shaft must be fully disconnected and lubricated otherwise problems will arise. For example, it the motor fails, you may be able to replace that without much trouble. Some of the repairs are easy to do but without an additional person to help you, some of the work might be better done by your local professionals. The basic steps of this process are outlined in this video. Please note that these directions are for an electromechanical slide out and not for a hydraulic slide out room. My system is the Barker system which was frequently used in the late 1990s and early 2000 model 5th Wheel units.

Fixing an RV Batwing TV Antenna

We have 3 videos on RV antennas soon to be four. Unfortunately Digital Signal don’t travel as far as the old analog TV.



Everything on the Winegard RV antenna is easily repaired. here is the parts list from Winegard.