Replacing a RV Ceiling Fan in your 5th wheel

When you have basement air the ceiling fan plays an important part of the heating and cooling for your RV. I have a slide out that covers the ceiling fan when in the travel position. So research is needed to get the right fan. I purchased a low clearance fan from the Internet but the original had better clearance. What the video and see the pictures below.

I just made it. Now I need a trip to see if the cradle mounting will work while traveling. If it doesn’t I have a fix ready. has an RV ceiling fan at a reasonable price but I had already purchased this one. When you research your fan they don’t tell you anything about clearances because they don’t disclose it.

Electric Slideout Motors

5th Wheel Slide Out Problems

In April 2008 I began having living room slide problems with my 2000 Alfa Leisure fifth wheel and I have attempted to repair it on several occasions. In October of 2010 the living room slide out finally a quit working altogether. Since I like to go RVing and take my canine, feline friends and sometimes even a grand kid with us. I had to to get this problem finally resolved I was rather surprised at the the RV shops in my area who were afraid to tackle this problem. I do realize that every fifth wheel manufacturer has probably a different way on how to get there slide outs extended and retracted some are hydraulic and others are electric motor. Alfa Leisure when out of business about the same time I started having trouble with my slide out. I have gotten a lot of bogus information from a lot of different sources on slide outs and especially because the Alfa Leisure is now defunt . I bought this fifth wheel when it was brand-new I did have the owner’s manual and in the owner’s manual I got some key information. The information that I did find is where you could buy a motor replacement for your slide outs. My 2000 Alfa fifth wheel doesn’t have a electronic brake nor a limit switch. The slide out does not have to be removed from the fifth wheel in order to replace the motor the series of gears and from the motor is called the transmission in the slide out must be fully extended the transmission and the motor must be removed together. The slide out in the bedroom area is totally different and will be covered later on. I found my slide out motor very close to the port or the hole which you put your crank to manually extended your slide out I had to take out some of the sheet metal underbelly to expose this area. Below is some key information for certain manufacturers for slide out information. They can also provide the gears if you have a broken one in your transmission. I have noticed that if you have an older RV especially a fifth wheel trailer etc. trying to get work performed on your rig it’s getting tougher and tougher even for the repair shops who specialize in your particular manufacturer. I guess this is understandable since parts eventually are no longer available in manufacturers who make third-party parts aren’t as prevalent in the RV field. If you have a problem with your slide out I would suggest you do a lot of research if you have an owners manual go through that with a fine tooth comb I would also go on the Internet and do a lot of research. Talk to several RV repair facilities in your area and see what they say but remember they may not provide you the correct information. USE COMMON SENSE!
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What was wrong with my main Slide Out? It was the motor and the in/out switch both were defective. We are in the process of checking out the bedroom slide out. This slide is starting to hesitate and this is not a problem to have on the road. Thanks to RBW  for all of the help in this problem.



Living Room Slide Motor (No Brake) for my 2000 Alfa Ideal

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Living room

Slide Motor

with Brake

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Changing a RV Skylight in my 2000 ALFA Idea 5th wheel

My 5th Wheel has a skylight in the shower to make the bathroom bright and sunny. Unfortunately, Alfa did not design my 5th Wheel for the intense heat of places like Arizona. As it was originally designed, my skylight was a milky white color which let in a great amount of light but it also permitted intense heat to enter this area as well. As a result, the bathroom was a stuffy and warm place to be during the summer. To help reduce the heat, yet still keep the bathroom bright and pleasant, I replaced the existing skylight with a smoke colored skylight. Since the color was like dark sun glasses, this permitted the sun to come shining through yet lessened the heat significantly. I have been very happy with the results and my bathroom is no longer hot and stuffy under the Arizona sun.

Have you ever tried to replace a SKYLIGHT on your RV? When I began searching for a replacement, I wanted a smoke colored unit at a reasonable price. The skylight in my coach is over my shower compartment. It was originally a rectangular, white, plastic dome fastened to the roof with screws . The screws are covered with the white self-leveling caulk. In looking at my service manual, I found that the official size from manufacturer was 25.5in X 33.5in. I found several high price alternatives costing up to $600 which was outside of my budget. I called Alfa (unfortunately, Alfa is now out of business) who had a white replacement skylight for $120 which was just like the original part that was in my coach. I was able to locate another vendor: G S Plastics 25837 Borg Road Elkhart, IN 46514 Phone: 574 262-1527. At the time I last checked, they have 2 color choices: white and bronze white for under $100 including shipping. The vendor does not accept credit cards however, so you have to send a check for your purchase. I mailed the check to them for the purchase price and received the new skylight unit within 2 weeks.

Installation was easy and fast and the bronze white color that I had chosen significantly reduced the heat. The light was toned down a bit but still bright and acceptable. Although my coach is equipped with a pull-across blind in the top of the shower, I doubt many people would be able to see into the shower compartment from up above anyway. Since the skylight was darker, it also made it less obvious at night when someone was using the bathroom. I have been very happy with this change and would recommend it to anyone who spends a significant amount of time in parts of the country where the heat is strong and intense such as it is in Arizona.